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We will discuss the best Nepali modern songs in this blog post. Nepal’s music industry has boomed as more and more young people discover their talent for songwriting and singing. Unlike the older generation, which favored folk music, the young generation enjoys listening to new age melodies. There seems to be a shift due to the increasing popularity of Nepali adhunik songs among today’s youth who are seeking something different from traditional folk music. 

There is typically a focus in the lyrics of these types of songs on love, breakups, friendships, social changes, and political issues such as corruption, poverty, inequality, war, etc. Getting closer to Nepal’s culture through the Nepali adhunik song is a great way to learn about its ancient and new aspects that make it unique among other cultures. 

There was a time when legendary singers like Anju Pant, Swaroopraj Acharya, Shiva Pariyar used to rule the whole Adhunik Industry. There was a big craze of Adhunik Musics. There’s still the same kind of craze but not like the old one. At the moment, singers like Pramod Kharel, Melina Rai, Asmita Adhikari, Prabisha Adhikari are taking it to the whole new level and they always try to give a new taste to the adhunik music. 

latest download nepali adhunik songs

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These are some of our favorite Nepali modern songs that have hit the charts recently: 

New Nepali Adhunik Songs 2021

  1. Ruwaune Hajar रुवाउने हजार by Pramod Kharel, Sunil BC
  2. Phul Butte Sari Female Version
  3. Tadha Bhaye Pani Female Version
  4. Lajayera by Sujan Chapagain
  5. Ko hola Tyo Female Version

Superhit Old Nepali Adhunik Songs

  1. Chitthi Timilai by Shambhu Rai
  2. Timle Dine Maya by Narendra Pyasi
  3. Bal Garera Tyo Man by Swaroop Raj Acharya
  4. Dherai Maya Dida Raichhan by Swaroop Raj Acharya
  5. Bachunjelilai by Ram Krishna Dhakal and Lata Mangeshkar

How to download Nepali Adhunik Song online?

You can download all the Nepali Modern Songs online easily here

There are numerous number of amazing songs that are missing in this list. These are some of the songs I would like you people to listen and enjoy the best of Nepali Adhunik Songs.

What’s your favorite Nepali modern song from the list above? If your favorite song is not on the list then what is it? Leave your comment below.

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