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Nepali lok geet

Introduction to Nepali Lok Geet or Lok Dohori Songs

There are no people in this country who is not in love with Nepali Lok Geet. Dohori is a popular music genre of Nepali folk music that has roots in the rural courtship traditions.

Dohori is like a debate in the form of music that is in rhythm and includes speedy and amusing poetry. Dohori mainly involves two teams with boys in one group and ladies on the other.

It normally starts with a query quite often from the boy’s side meanwhile girls follow the same query with a quick response and continue the flow. The time duration of the Dohori is determined by the responding ability of the players/singers.

The length of the Dohori depends on the quick thinking and replying ability of the players and it could last for as long as a week.

Nepali Lok Geet

Nepali Lok Geet and Culture

Lok Dohori Songs are an integral part of Nepali culture and life. Dohori songs still being played in the cultural, social or religious event. So these events are incomplete without the sounds of Dohori music in Nepal. Visiting the western part of Nepal is the best opportunity to indulge yourself and witness the importance of Lok Geet Nepali.

Districts like Baglung, Syangja, Palpa, Gulmi, Argakhachi, and Parbat are the ones that have been able to appeal and influence the musical souls and save the Nepali Lok Dohori culture.

Lok Dohori songs

Nepali Lok Geet and Ethnic Taste

Lok Dohori song gives a feel of the local or ethnic taste, and dancing in the music of Nepali
Dohori songs are so welcoming and entertaining. Doesn’t matter if you listen to old Nepali Lok Geet or New Nepali Lok Geet, true Nepali will feel that traditional Nepali vibe in any corner of the world.

From old Ballai Bho Bheta to new Salko Paat, they all show who we are and what’s our culture and tradition. So we can proudly say that Lok Dohori music in Nepal is a fascinating portrait of the most interesting music culture.

Watch Popular Nepali Lok Geet Mp3 Download

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Lalumai Song 2075

Lalumai Song 2075

Nepali Lok Dohori mp3 Songs Free Download 2076

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Salko Patko Tapari

Jhyalma Parda Chha

Jhyalma Parda Chha

Nepali Lok Dohori Mp3 Song 2076 , Chautariko Bar

Nepali Lok Geet Mp3 Song 2076 , Lobhi Aankha by Basanta Thapa

Ram Ram Marauti | Pooja Sharma | Khem Century | Asmita Adhikari

Nepali Lok Dohori Song Download Method? नेपाली लोक गीत डाउनलोड

You can download and enjoy Nepali Lok Geet Mp3 at your device anytime and anywhere. If you’re looking for a platform or guide to download amazing Nepali Lok Bhaka, Click Here.

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