je chhau timi lyrics (chandramama pani daag hunchha lyrics) by swoopna suman and samir shrestha

Je Chhau Timi Lyrics – Swoopna Suman x Samir Shrestha(Chandrama ma pani daag hunchha)

Latest collaboration between Swoopna Suman and Samir Shrestha is Je Chhau Timi(Popular as Chandramama pani daag hunchha) got released on March 25. Here’s the lyrics of Je Chhau timi. Je chhau timi lyrics (Chandrama ma pani daag hunchha) Gaajal tyo timro metaideunaTimro aankha ko rang herna man chhaBadheko kesha fukaideunaHawale udako man parchha Nadhakana muhar…

nepali palpali chukauni recipe

Palpali Chukauni Recipe, Steps, Photos

Even if we have grown up in a Nepali household, we may still be unfamiliar with Palpali Chukauni. Chukauni is an authentic Palpali salad dish made of yogurt and potatoes garnished with mustard seeds and spices. People who grew up in Palpa are familiar with the authentic salad dish. The dish is straightforward to make…

dhairya lyrics by sajjan raj vaidya

Dhairya Lyrics – Sajjan Raj Vaidya

Here’s the full Dhairya Lyrics of latest release by Sajjan Raj Vaidya Dhairya Lyrics Sajjan Raj Vaidya बाेलीले तिमीलाई तर्साए, नबाेलिनै बसाैं न मायालु बचनले तिमीलाई झस्काए, कसम नखाइदिउँला म बरु तिम्राे लालीले अंगाली लैजाउन मलाई, अतासिदैं ढुकढुकाउने ढुकढुकीकाे बास मै चाहिए जति लेउ समय, तिम्राे बाेली आवाजलाई, मेराे नामका यी लवज सिकाउन धैर्य सिकी…

Nepali Slang Words
Nepali Slangs

Nepali Slang Words

Slangs are words or phrases that we use in almost every sentence repeatedly that maybe in a social interaction with friends or random strangers. According to 2011 census, Nepal has 122 major languages and Nepali slangs varies not only from state to state but city to city. Here are some of the most interesting slangs…

Best IELTS institutes in Nepal

Best IELTS institutes in Nepal

So you’ve decided to travel to countries such as Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada for further studies. Everyone wishes to pursue their desired degree at a prestigious university while receiving a generous scholarship. Many Nepalese students cannot afford their regular fees with the money they work or have in Nepal due…