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Nepali fruits in English

Fruits have many benefits in terms of health and healthy living. They reduce the risk of blood pressure, prevent heart diseases, types of cancer, make your digestive system work well, balance your blood sugar and many more to mention. We use different kinds of fruit in daily life. All sorts of fruits have their name and meaning in Nepali. Here in this blog, I’ll tell you some famous Nepali fruits and their names in English. 

Benefits of Fruits in Daily Life

Not just the names of Nepali fruits in English, but you should also know the health benefits and how they benefit your overall body. Which fruits are good for what part of your body and so on. And if you don’t have any fruits in your surroundings or garden, plant them today and make a healthy living. So let’s dive into the actual content. Here’s the list of Fruits Name in Nepali and English for you.

Fruits Name in Nepali and English List

Amala  – Indian Gooseberry

Angoor – Grape

Kera (केरा) – Banana

Nariwal – Coconut

Amba or Belauti(बेलौती, अम्बा) – Guava

Chikhu – Sapodilla

Imli – Tamrind

Anaar- Pomegranate

Arubakhara – Plum

Aiselu- Golden Himalayan Raspberry

Aap – Mango

Aaru- Peach

Mula – Radish

Ukhu – Sugarcane

Kiwi – Kiwi

Katus(कटुस) – Chestnut

Bel – Wood Apple

Bhogate, Nibuwa – Pummelo

Bayar – Jujube

Harro – Myrobalan

Katahar – Jackfruit

Bhui Katahar – Pineapple

Kagati – Lemon

Kaphal – Bayberry

Lapsi – Olive

Khurpani – Apricot

Kimbu – Mulberry

Haluabed – Persimmon

Litchi – Lichee

Khajur – Date

Tarbuja – Watermelon

Shyau – Apple

Mewa – Papaya

Paiyun – Cherry

Lapsi – Nepalese Hog Plum

Maushami – Sweet Orange

Muntala – Kumquat

Myal – Wild Pear

Naspati(सुन्तला) – Asian Pear

Saripha (सरिफा ) – Custard Apple

Gheu Fal or Funse- Avocado

Chutro – Barberry

Jamuna or Jaamun – Black Plum

Gajar – Carrot

Anjir – Fig

There are many more Nepali fruits to mention here. If you also want to know the Nepali Vegetables Name in English you can explore on the blog here.

One thing to keep in mind name of the fruit varies in different parts of Nepal. For example, In western part of Nepal, Guava is called as Belauti meanwhile in Kathmandu or City areas, It’s called as Amba or Ambak. So don’t get confused. You might hear one name in one part of the country and different in another. Whatever you heard is right, It truly depends on the local language.

How many of you guessed It right? If you have any questions regarding the any Nepali Fruits Name in English, please leave it in the comment section. Thank you for reading.

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