what is passive perception 5e?

Passive Perception 5e

Passive perception 5e is a role-playing game that takes place in the center of an ancient society. The player and their friends are capable of doing anything they want to, but there will always be consequences for what they do.  Passive Perception 5e offers players two different ways to play: either as a single character…

funny nepali gau khane katha

Nepali Gau Khane Katha with Answers

Since childhood, we’ve been watching Nepali Gau Khane Katha, which is very famous throughout Nepal. We used to share interesting Gau Khana Katha, whether it was during a school activity or a friends’ gathering. Not just Gau Khane Katha but Nepali Ukhan Tukka are equally famous as well. Gau Khane Katha questions relate to our…

nepali movie songs

New Nepali Movie Songs, Old Nepali Movie Songs

Songs featured in Nepali movies are known as Nepali Movie Songs or Kollywood Songs, or filmy songs. In an effort to keep audiences engaged and interested, movies include interesting songs. Some might be related to the movie’s plot, and others might be presented solely for entertainment purposes. In almost every Nepali movie, we notice four…

best restaurants in kathmandu nepal

7 Best Restaurants in Kathmandu

Happy, unhappy, nervous, stressed, healthy, rich no matter what, consuming food is a constant in life just like breathing. Everything around us is changing along with the passage of time and the birth of a new generation. Often most of the time we ask our friends, family and even google about the best restaurants in…