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Everything about Nepali Teej Songs

Teej songs celebrate Parvati’s triumph over her evil stepmother in Nepal. The songs are traditionally sung by women in rural areas during the festival. In Nepali Teej songs there are many types of music and lyrics derived from Sanskrit Hindu texts such as the Bhagavata Purana and Shiva Purana. Other Indian classical genres such as Thumri and traditional folk songs are also commonly featured. 

Since ancient times, Nepali Teej Songs have been handed down from generation to generation through each region adding their own unique flavor to them. 

What do women do during the Teej Festival? How do they celebrate?

During Teej women visit their parent’s home and perform various rituals and participate in different celebrations. During Teej, women fast for the whole day even without drinking water and worship Lord Shiva and Parvati. During that day, they dance and sing various kinds of traditional folk, devotional, or regional songs and dance all day. They do these things for well-being and long life for their husbands. 

What are the most famous Nepali Teej Songs?

There are many but the most famous one must be “Teej ko Rahara Aayo Barilai”. If you ask what’s the most famous Nepali Teej Songs of all time to any random Nepali, 95% people would surely say Teej ko Rahara Aayo Barilai. Apart from this one there are many amazing teej songs. Here’s the list of a few. 

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Best Nepali Teej Songs

  1. Teej ko Rahar
  2. Hong Kong ko Sadile Nepal ko Dhulo Udayo
  3. Sunko Chura Aauthi ni Sunai Cha
  4. Yo Teejai Ma Dhalkerai Naachincha
  5. Udi Aayo Rani Chari
  6. Chitikkai Bhachhure
  7. Soche Jhai Jindagi Rainacha
  8. Larakkai Larkiyo Rato Sari Bhuima
  9. Tijai Aayo
  10. Siraima Sirful
  11. Chari Jelaima

How to download New Nepali Teej Songs Free?

If you’re wondering how to download the latest Nepali Teej Songs for free, we’ve got you covered. There’re various ways to download and enjoy Nepali Teej songs online or offline. Many people prefer Youtube and some people want to download and listen offline on their preferred device. 

If you prefer an offline medium, you can download it by using Tubemate (Software you can get for android device easily). Although Tubemate is not available in the play store. You can simply google it, you’ll easily find it. If you’re using an IOS device, it’s going to be quite difficult for you but there’s an one software called Bolt which is available on the App store, you can download Teej songs using Bolt Software on Apple Phone. 

If you’re on a computer, you can easily go through and convert it to mp3 or video format of your choice and enjoy Nepali  Teej Songs. 

Famous Nepali Teej Song Videos

Teej Aayo – Sindhu Malla

Chari Jelaima – Bishnu Majhi

Yo Teejaima Dhalkerai Naachinchha – Devi Gharti

Hong Kong ko Sadile – Manju Thapa

Happy Teej.

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