Find Free Nepali Mp3 songs in 2021


Every year the Nepali music industry produces thousands of Nepali mp3 songs that give us reason to smile and make our life even better. Music is the only thing in this universe that can relate to our bad and good moments. So music can be our best friend in any situation. It might be a hectic process for you to find all the music of your choice. We did all the job for you and gathered a few websites offering varieties of Nepali music as well as others. You can visit a website, just type artist name, movie name, or song title, and enjoy the incredible Nepali music.

Top 3 sites to listen to Nepali mp3 songs in 2020

The following list provides you all kinds of old and latest Nepali songs, not only Nepali but any music you want to listen including brand new releases and old school music.

  1. Youtube
    Youtube is the best platform to enjoy any kind of music. Whether you’re a “Lok Bhaka” lover or “Nepali modern song lover”, you’ll find yourself enjoying any Nepali genre on YouTube because it is an easy platform to find. You can also download the song of your choice. To download Nepali mp3 songs, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to Youtube
Step 2: Type the song title you want to download
Step 3: Open the video and copy the link
Step 4: Paste the copied link into
Step 5: Press the download button

  1. Daami Music App – Enjoy Free Nepali Mp3 Songs
    Daami Music app lets you search thousands of Nepali mp3 songs from different genres. Daami Music is one of the best platforms to enjoy Nepali music. Daami Music app has categorized songs as per your genre interest. You can easily listen to various songs online and can also download offline after getting the subscription. Enjoy the Super hit Nepali Songs on your device.
  1. Spotify
    There is no doubt that Spotify is the best platform to listen to mp3 songs and podcasts. Even though it is a paid platform, but you’ll get to listen to the best music here. There are so many Nepali mp3 songs available on this platform. You’ll get to listen to selected songs as not all artists register their music to Spotify. But popular artists like Sajjan Raj Vaidya, Bipul Chhetri, Vten, Sushant KC, Edge Band, Shadows band are already there on Spotify.

Few More apps to enjoy Nepali Mp3 songs in 2021

  1. Ganna Music App
  2. Music Nepal App
  3. Cybersansar(Website)

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