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Download latest Nepali Ringtones from our frequently updated ringtone list. If you’re a Nepali movie fan, adhunik song fan, nepali instrumental music fan or you appreciate Gautam Buddha abundantly, this is the best place to download Nepali Ringtone. 

What kind of Ringtones do you really prefer to download? Listen to buddha bandana ringtone or Gautam Buddha Ringtone if you enjoy spiritual music. For those who love Nepali folk music, you can get ringtones like Lalumai ringtone or Salko Paat ringtone or if you are a fan of Nepali movies, you can get Nepali movie ringtone.

Everybody wants their ringtone to be soothing, different from others’, to attract other people’s attention, or to be the music they love. 

The majority of people of our parents’ generation keep their ringtones as spiritual music or folk songs. 

Cartoon music or easy songs are most popular among kids. However, young people have different tastes. We sometimes fall for Buddha bandana ringtones or other day-to-day pop music ringtones. Our tastes are not the same all the time. Our ringtone can also depend on our mood. 

When we feel happy we keep a happy ringtone and when we’re sad we choose sad music or songs. 

But nowadays, I see people keeping their phone silent or on vibrant mode most of the times. But when they keep it in the ring, they choose music according to the music. 

What kind of ringtone do our parents have?

Spiritual music most of the time. Like ACHYUTAM KESHAVAM or Krishna Music or Gayatri Mantra. 

What kind of ringtone do youngsters have?

Every people have different tastes but most common are Animals by Martin Garrix, Balti Ya Lili, Alan Walker – Faded, Taki Taki, Gautam Buddha Ringtone, ANXMUS Music, etc 

How to Download Nepali ringtone online?

It’s simple and quick. Search the music you want to download on YouTube. Convert it using Ytmp3 here. And download the mp3 music and make it as the ringtone. Or else you can directly search on google, you may find it. 

Here is the Link of playlist of popular Nepali Ringtones

Nepali Ringtones Download

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