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Whether it is a new or Old Nepali movie, they are famous for beautiful songs, dance, interesting fights, and romantic scenes. Here in this blog, I am recommending to you a few must-watch new and Old Nepali Movie you can’t miss.

Best New Nepali Movies Lists


The movie that starred Dayahang Rai, Saugat Malla, Karma Shakya, Reecha Sharma in a lead role regarded as one of the most successful new Nepali movies of all time. After putting excellent performance in this film, Saugat Malla and Nishchal Basnet won the national film award for their respective roles.

New Nepali movie loot

The movie falls in the Crime thriller category where Haku Kale plans to rob a bank with his friends. They plan for 5 months to rob that bank and successfully they execute the plan. For the full story and amazing dialogues, you’ve to watch the full movie. I don’t want to ruin your mood. The movie earned around 52 million Nepali Rupees where the movie budget was only 700 thousand.

Jatra/ Jatrai Jatra – Super-Hit New Nepali Movie

Directed by Pradeep Bhattarai, this movie tells the story of 3 poor and hardworking people who find a bag of full 3 crores (Nepali Rupees). This Nepali movie Jatra features Bipin Karki, Rabindra Singh Baniya, Rabindra Jha, and Barsha Raut in a lead role.

Nepali Movie Jatra

The movie was a huge success in the box office and also crossed more than 15 crores on YouTube (Both Part Combined). This kind of movie was never made in Nepal before and every Nepali movie lover was amazed by the story. Jatra and Jatrai Jatra have comedy, emotion, and a good story all in one movie.

Pashupati Prasad

Popular social satirical Nepali Movie Pashupati Prasad written by Khagendra Lamichhane and Directed by Dipendra K Khanal was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Movie in Nepalese entry. The movie covers the story of a poor man who comes to Kathmandu after losing his parents in an Earthquake to pay off his debts.

Nepali Movie Pashupati Prasad

The movie also won the national award in different categories. And “Vasme Don” character from the movie got huge popularity worldwide. People used to make memes by using his character in their meme template.

Best Old Nepali Movie Lists

Here’s the list of Amazing old Nepali movies…

Aama 1964 Movie

One of the best movies made in the Nepali movie industry. Directed by Hira Singh Thakuri, and Written by Chaitya Devi and Upendra, this movie is about a poor Nepali person who joins a foreign army to earn his living and pay his debt.

Nepali Movie Aama

When he returns to his homeland, his mother is already dead. After his return at hometown, villagers convince him to stay there and serve their own country. There is a strong message in the movie “service to a motherland is the same as service to a mother”.

Kusume Rumal

Probably the best movie of Superstar Bhuwan KC, Kusume Rumal was a blockbuster in the Nepali Movie industry. The movie tells that whatever happens, love will always win over anything in the world.

Nepali movie Kusume Rumal

People still sing and enjoy the “Kusume Rumal” one of the best Nepali songs from the movie. One of the best old Nepali movie.


Written and Directed by popular Tulsi Ghimire, Chino ranks among famous Nepali old movies. You probably have heard the name “Rate Kaila”, which was come from the movie Chino. Rate Kaila is the most famous villain personality in the Nepali movie industry.

Nepali Movie Chino

It is all about love and revenge, Rate Kaila decides to take revenge on his old crush and kills his husband and tries to kill his son, later an old man adopts her son and later he grows up and takes revenge on Rate Kaila.  

Prem Pinda

One of the best old Nepali movies of all time which represents a different sense of color, splendor, and good vibe to its viewers. The name itself tells that it is about Prem I.e Love. The historical and real-life story of General Aidwin during the Rana Regime.

Old Nepali Movie

There are a lot of good Old and New Nepali Movies with spectacular stories and Presentations. We need to support Nepali movies, that’s how the Nepali movie industry improves and starts to make more amazing content.

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