Amazing Old and New Nepali Pop Songs

Nepali pop songs

In this blog, I am going to talk about Nepali pop songs and how it is revolutionizing the Nepali music industry.

About Nepali Pop Songs and Pop Industry

Pop song or pop music is one of the most popular genres of music that is originally originated in its modern form in the US and the UK in the mid-50s. Pop music is a kind of music that is popular varies over time with different fashions, trends, and music tastes. Pop is a popular choice among the teenage population so something which appeals to them and can be considered “cool” among teenage is likely to work.

Pop Songs are so popular among people nowadays because of their good rhythm and flow, a catchy melody is easy to remember and sing along to. Most popular and best-selling pop and hip-hop artists at the moment are Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, Adele, Eminem, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Shawan Mendes, Maroon 5, Khalid, Drake, etc. The pop genre is also popular among Nepali music enthusiasts. Most of the Nepali pop songs are between two and five minutes long, and the lyrics usually include the joys and problems of love and relationships.

Pop music has become demanding in the Nepali music industry (especially among young peoples) because of the simplicity of the sound that makes it easy to feel the rhythm and remember the motive and the lyrics make such music popular music for every Nepali music
Actually, it came into a trend after 90’s when people only used to listen to mp3 songs in FM radios and then some artists came into the music industry and added new taste, a new concept, catchy lyrics, and interesting video and took Nepali pop and hip hop songs to the next level.

Nowadays, when people talk about Nepali Pop Songs, songs such as Feri to the din, Najeek, Yai ho ta Maya, Aankhama, Namuna Banaidiyu, Adhuro Prem comes into our head automatically. The most popular pop music artists of the Nepali Music Industry are Sugam Pokhrel, Nabin K. Bhattarai, Raju Lama, Nima Rumba, Swapnil Sharma, Dhiraj Rai, Indira Joshi, etc.

What is Nepali Pop Song?

In recent decades, Nepali pop music has evolved with the changing times and is no longer monotonous. Nepali pop songs, or Nepali modern songs, as they are also called, have incorporated new techniques such as sampling into their sound and structure.” 

Consequently, larger groups of musicians than traditional ensembles were needed to compose for the changing instrumentation. Today we see variations of Classical music merging with Pop Music.

Why people still listen to Nepali pop songs?

There are several reasons and one of them is Nepali music bands. Music lover follows bands like they’re a god. There is a big fan base of bands like The Edge, The Shadows Nepal, Karma, Albatross, 1974 AD, Cobweb, Anuprastha, etc. Whether is it a club or concert, you’ll see people singing on the beats of Nepali pop songs.

And most importantly, they know the lyrics of most of the songs. Just imagine, if you’re a singer and the whole audience is following your song along with you, won’t you feel happy? Everyone does. That’s how the pop industry is still ruling the industry. There are also newcomers but they’ve to work really hard to get there at the top. The target is not easy. Hope they do great and keep this industry alive.

How to download new Nepali Pop songs?

Some websites offer downloads of Nepalese pop songs, but we recommend checking out our site, Download Nepali Pop Songs where you can listen before downloading the latest Nepali pop hits!

Few amazing old Nepali Pop Songs you cannot miss

Basa Sundari

Kaha Hola Ghara Bara by Karma Band

Yai Ho Ta Maya by Nabin K Bhattarai

Parelima by 1974 AD

New Nepali pop songs you should listen to right now

Batash by Shashwot Khadka

Dalli by Brijesh Shrestha X Beyond

Mellow by Rohit Shakya X Sajjan Raj Vaidya

Bistarai Bistarai by Rohit John Chhetri

Just these are not enough. Nepali music artists and industry produce a lot of beautiful songs every year. Just search it, listen to it and support Nepali Music.

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