Nepali Slang Words

Nepali Slang Words

Slangs are words or phrases that we use in almost every sentence repeatedly that maybe in a social interaction with friends or random strangers. According to 2011 census, Nepal has 122 major languages and Nepali slangs varies not only from state to state but city to city. Here are some of the most interesting slangs popular in Nepal.

Nepali Slang Words List


Hawa means silly things or useless talk

Example of Hawa

Dherai hawa kura nagar hai ta

Baal Bhayena/Balai Bhayena

Meaning of Baal Bhayena

Not giving damn/Not afraid of the context

Example of Baal Bhayena

Pani parepani baal bhayena, bhijdai football khelamla


Actual meaning of sala in Nepali is Wife’s brother

Meaning of Sala Slang

Word to express anger which fits everywhere

Example of Saala

Saala, kasto harami manche raicha yaar


Actual meaning of Mamaghar in Nepali is

Meaning of Mamaghar Slang


Example of Mamaghar

Yestai naramro kam garda feri mamaghar janu parla


Meaning of Dhakkan


Example of Dhakkan

Yeti jabo kura pani bujhdaina, kasto dhakkan raicha yar


Meaning of Dami


Example of Dami

Tero naya jutta kya dami lagyo malai ta


Meaning of Patyaunu

To pick up a girl/guy

Example of Patyaunu

Kasti ramri raiche, teslai patyauna try garchu ma Yaar


Meaning of Yaar


Example of Yaar

Ghumna jane plan banam na yaar


Meaning of Jharpaat


Example of Jharpaat

Testo jharpaat kura ma kina Chinta liyeko?


Meaning of Bindas

Chill, Good mood

Example of Bindas

Yesto bindas thauma ghumnu ko majjai beglai cha


Meaning of Veja


Example of Veja

Tero Veja kharab cha ki k ho?


Meaning of Lafada


Example of Lafada

Bhaiko ta college ko keta harusanga lafada parecha


Actual meaning of Gadha is Ass

Meaning of Gadha Slang


Example of Gadha

Kasto gadha raicha, yeti pani nabujhne


Meaning of Bakamfusse


Example of Bakamfusse

Masanga yesto Bakamfusse kura nagara timi


Meaning of Jhakaas


Example of Jhakaas

Kya Jhakaas thau raicha ta yo

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What are the slang words in Nepali?

Nepali slangs are form of Nepali language that can be used informally in certain situations. Sometimes slangs can be offensive or abusive. Some famous slangs are Baal, Boka, Jhakas, Bindas, Gadha, etc.

What does Boka mean in Nepali?

The original meaning of Boka in Nepali is “Goat”. But this slang also means “playboy”. When someone has multiple girlfriends or flirts with every girl he meets is called Boka in Nepali.

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What does Nakachari means?

Nakachari word usually used to scold girls which means shameless girl. You can also use this term also for guys as Nakachara which means shameless boy.

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