5 important do’s While Getting Your COVID Vaccination

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COVID 19, which began in Wuhan, China, has had an impact on everything and everyone in its path. We are forced to stay at home, work from home and study at home. Vaccines from India and China, on the other hand, are being delivered to Nepal. People wait in line for hours in the hopes of being covid vaccinated. However, getting covid vaccination appears to be a difficult task due to the lack of proper management and system.

It turns out that many individuals are being vaccinated, and others are becoming sick while waiting in line in the sweltering heat. According to the daily COVID bulletin, the number of persons being infected is growing day by day. The COVID vaccination is only available to those aged 18 and over.

I was COVID positive and had a CT level of less than 20 when I was tested a month ago in March. It began with a cough and cold that I blamed on the weather as it was gloomy and smoky due to the wildfire. As the days went on, I developed fever, intense throat discomfort and eventually lost my sense of taste and smell; it was then that I realized I needed to get tested for COVID. Later that day, I went to get tested and found out I had COVID.

Believe me when I say that I had a difficult time. I experienced fever, severe chest discomfort and headache, but thankfully my oxygen saturation was not below 93 percent. During this period, eating good food, getting frequent steam and completing breathing exercises are all required. I always slept on my chest since childhood, which came in handy during my COVID days because physicians now advise COVID patients to do so since it aids oxygen intake.

Here are 5 dos you should do while getting COVID vaccination

Double mask

It is a must to wear a double mask when you go for your vaccine; it might be suffocating or uncomfortable, but wearing a double mask will reduce the chances of you getting infected. If possible, you can also wear a face shield and gloves, which will give you extra protection.

Bring umbrella during COVID vaccination program

The weather these days in Kathmandu seems to be very unpredictable. One minute it’s raining, and the next minute it is extremely hot. It is a must to carry your umbrella to protect yourself from rain and the scorching heat. It will also help to keep distance among people.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is very important, especially during summer when you are standing in the scorching heat waiting for your turn. Carry your own water bottle and don’t share it with anyone. Sanitize your hands before opening the water bottle and quickly drink your water.

Eat well before you leave the house

It will be impossible to eat when you’re standing in line. Since you will be exposed to many people there, it will be very risky to eat anything there, and your chances of getting infected will be high, so it is better to eat well before you leave the house.

Keep sanitizing

Keep sanitizing your hands frequently as you will be standing among so many people, and it is better to stay safe than regret later. To sanitize your hands as frequently as you can.

COVID vaccination is crucial, but we must exercise extreme caution because the virus is extremely harmful and can injure you in a variety of ways. When standing in line, follow all the rules and keep a safe distance. As soon as you arrive home, change your clothing and take a shower. Clean your baggage, phones, and any other items you brought with you.

The following are some frequently asked questions that you should be aware of:

What am I required to do if I would want to register for COVID vaccines?

Please contact your woda(वडा) if you are getting the vaccination for the second time, and if you haven’t received your first dosage, please register at Register Here

Is it okay if I combine COVID vaccination?

Experts have advised against mixing vaccinations; thus, it is best to avoid doing so. Stick to one vaccination, whether Chinese or Indian.

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Author: Kajal Adhikary

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