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Funny Memes about Relationships and More

Memes are evergreen, funny and good for everyone. There is no person in the world who is not in love with funny jokes. Whether it is social medias or non-digital platforms, everyone talks about funny moments or things. Memes connect people, and spread happiness.

Enjoy the varieties of funny memes about relationships, school, friends and girlfriends.

Funny Memes About Relationships

The best of funny memes about Relationships

  1. I asked my heart, why I can’t sleep at night?
    Heart Replied: because you slept in the afternoon. Don’t act like you’re in love.
  2. You can just ignore me, but in my mind, you’re gonna be the grandmom of my 5th son’s third child.
  3. The most difficult thing in this world is to laugh at the unfunny jokes of a beautiful girl.
  4. Dear Crush, I don’t know how to flirt, so I am going to stare at you until you marry me.
  5. If we dated before 18, you’re not my ex, you’re my childhood friend.
  6. Current Relationship Status: Made dinner for two, ate both.
  7. You’re dating somebody’s Ex, Somebody is dating your Ex, Your Ex is dating somebody’s Ex, In this life we all are X-Men.
  8. I was in a restaurant and a pretty girl asked me, “Are you single?” I replied, “Yes, You can take this chair away.”
  9. Women want men to text first but they don’t like men who text first.
  10. Behind every woman stands a man who has absolutely no clue WTF he did wrong.

Funny memes About School

Enjoy funny memes about school and recall your childhood memories.

  1. Scrolled through Facebook after a long time. Turns out my school crush went from elegant to Elephant.
  2. Studying everything one day before the exam and forgetting everything in the exam is my talent.
  3. Dear teacher, I will talk no matter where I am. Moving my seat will not help.
  4. Only girls have a superpower to call a guy Friend, Bestfriend, brother, and boyfriend if it is required.
  5. If a teacher gives a 20-minute lecture about not wasting time then what’s he doing?

Funny Memes About Friends

Sarcastic moments with friends are always special and memorable. Enjoy the best collection of funny memes about friends.

  1. Every girl has a guy, that she specifically texts after her boyfriend upset her.
  2. Some friends are in university but their height still in grade 6.
  3. Birthday gift idea for a friend.
    Ask them what they want on their birthday,
    Order them online and select the delivery option like cash on delivery.
  4. Farting without making a sound is called the art of “Leaving”.
  5. One day, the girlfriend of my best friend threw 6 balls at him. He said, “What was that?” She replied, “It’s Over”.

Funny Memes for Girlfriend

Amazing and funny memes for girlfriend

  1. Dear girlfriend, I am like your front teeth, if you ever lose me, you’ll never smile again.
  2. Dear Ex, If I have ever hurt you, give me one last chance. I want to show you that I can put you in ICU.
  3. Our relationship is like the relation of Sodium with water.
  4. If my girlfriend is getting married to some other guy and I was the DJ, I will play all our call recordings.
  5. Most girlfriends don’t want to hear their boyfriend’s opinion. They want to hear their opinion on the boyfriend’s voice.

Funny Valentines Day Memes

The best 5 of funny valentines day memes to enjoy this valentine.

  1. Men who respect women are called singles.
  2. People come and go, only screenshot stays forever.
  3. I asked my Crush, “What do you want from me on this Valentine’s day?” She replied: I want you to stop disturbing me.
  4. I broke up with my girlfriend on Feb 14th at a restaurant and she started crying. Everyone thought I had proposed so they started clapping.
  5. She left a note on my refrigerator saying “This is not working anymore, bye”. I opened my fridge and it was working just fine.

Funny Jokes for Adults

The most famous category of Jokes that is Adult.

Relish the best collection of funny jokes for adults.

  1. Dear crush, I am glad that your parents didn’t use protection that night.
  2. Sita went home with happy face, telling her father about how she earned $50 by climbing a tree. Her father replied, “Sita, they just wanted to see your underwear!” She replied, “See Dad, I was smart, I took them off!”

For more funny memes about relationships, friends, girlfriends, school, stick with us. We’ll update more soon.

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