Revealing The Secret To Choosing The Correct Fighting Chicken

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What color chicken fights best? This is currently a common question of the majority of newbies participating in the field of cockfighting for the first time. Although there are many popular ways to watch fighting cocks, the secret to choosing a talented fighting cock through feather color is considered to be quite accurate. So follow along 789BET Link Mới Let’s go deeper into the top experiences compiled by top cockfighters.

Is feather color a determining factor in a chicken’s fighting ability?

Our people often have the concept that “a chicken is good because of its feathers”, so most cockfighters participating in online cockfighting betting or chicken breeders prioritize choosing feather color as the main priority, talent is considered second. . That’s why the questionWhat color cock fights best?always receives a lot of attention.

Does feather color determine a chicken’s fighting ability?

In fact, feather color is one of the leading factors that effectively helps players choose the best fighting cock. However, it’s not always just about paying attention What color cock fights best? 

Instead, it needs to be combined with many other characteristics such as body shape or chicken breed. But if you put it on the comparison scale, you can completely rely on the color of the feathers to evaluate the winning rate compared to your opponent’s chickens.

Esoteric experience in choosing which color chicken fights best?

Not related to life color or the theory of the five elements, long-time chicken players often choose to observe feather color to know which chicken is good at fighting. Below is a summary of chicken colors that should be prioritized to raise in order to sweep away all fights.

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If you are a true chicken player, you must definitely know the saying: “One thing is gray, two is dry, three is wet”. So first of all, the exact answer to the question What color cock fights best? It’s cashew chicken.

It is known that this is the color of fighting cock feathers that often appears in domestic and international arenas. Most cocks possessing this coat color are incredibly healthy.

Not to mention, the black cashew chicken is also famous as a fighting chicken breed capable of establishing a series of consecutive wins to overwhelm all opponents. Along with its good-looking and attractive appearance, many people choose to keep it.

Esoteric experience in choosing which color chicken fights best?

Dried gray chicken

What color chicken fights best?Behind the cashew chicken, we certainly cannot ignore the dried gray chicken. Their fur has an ash-like color and always stands out thanks to their large body and good health.

Although dry gray chickens often have tangled, messy and not smooth feathers, in return these fighting chickens possess high endurance and have many great skills in fighting.

Wet chicken

If you are wondering, don’t know What color cock fights best? You can immediately choose a wet rooster to train and prepare for competitions. This breed of chicken is loved by many cockers because of its jet black, silky and extremely shiny feathers.

Besides, according to many word of mouth, the wet umbrella chicken originates from the mountain crow breed. Therefore, they not only have an aggressive nature but are also extremely aggressive, making many opponents wary.

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Chicken with five-colored feathers

Five-colored feathered chickens are also one of the perfect choices if cockfighters don’t know which ones are available What color cock fights best?It is known that this breed of chicken has existed since ancient times is classified as a rare type of “spirit chicken”.

Their plumage has up to 5 different colors, if it is golden yellow, purple or black and blue, don’t miss it because this is a precious chicken that many people want to have. In addition, five-colored feathered chickens are also considered to be good fighting chickens, good at fighting and especially are not afraid of any fighting chicken breeds.

Banana chicken

What color chicken fights best? Definitely include goh banana. They have outstanding body, chest and neck feathers thanks to beautiful combinations of many different colors, such as pale white or light blue.

According to careful observation from the cockfighting world, although banana chickens do not have endurance, they do possess agility. Besides, they are also extremely famous in the cock fighting community because of their good flipping feature. At the same time, it has fast movements and high fighting ability. If you have an apricot or banana-coated coat, it is even more precious.

Through the above article, bookmaker789bet gave the correct answer to the question What color cock fights best?. Besides, there is a detailed summary of fighting chicken breeds that are highly appreciated for their appearance and fighting talent. Hopefully through the recent information, cockfighters will have more knowledge to choose the best fighting cock for themselves.