EA FC 24: Team of the Week 3 Players Breakdown!

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Today, we will discuss players who are featured in Team Of The Week 3 due to their outstanding performances in real life. Not only that, but we have also selected cards that would be considered META and highly sought after by almost everyone on their team. If you need help for your Ultimate Team game experience, you can always find EA Sports FC 24 boosting service at U7BUY. Their EA FC boosting services are tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Lautaro Martinez Position: ST 87 > 88 OVR

Scored four goals / Salernitana 0 – Inter 4

Lautaro Martinez’s performance in the match against Salernitana was outstanding. He scored four goals only playing 45 minutes(subbed in at the start of the second half) and showcased his incredible skills on the field. As a result, his overall rating has increased from 87 to 88.

Jude Bellingham Position: CM 86 > 87 OVR

Scored a goal + 1 assist / Girona 0 – Madrid 3

Jude Bellingham’s contribution to the game against Girona cannot be overlooked. He scored a goal and provided an assist, proving his versatility as a midfielder. Even though he won’t receive a Player Of the Month version(Kubo has been confirmed as the POTM by many EA FC 24 leakers), Bellingham’s consistent performances throughout the season have earned him recognition and a deserved +1 upgrade. This is the first but not the last special card that he will get this year.

Martin Odegaard Position: CM 87 > 88 OVR

Scored a goal + 1 assist / Bournemouth 0 – Arsenal 4

Martin Odegaard demonstrated his prowess in the match against Bournemouth, scoring a goal and providing an assist. His impressive performance in the midfield played a crucial role in Arsenal’s convincing 4-0 victory. As a result, Odegaard’s overall rating has been increased to 88 with a pretty good inform card.

Grimaldo Position: LB 84 > 86 OVR

Scored a Goal and had a clean sheet / Mainz 0 -Leverkusen 3

Grimaldo’s transition to the Bundesliga has been seamless, and he continues to excel as a left-back. In the match against Mainz, he scored a goal and helped keep a clean sheet. His outstanding performance earned him the Man of the Match award, and he is likely to receive an upgrade to his overall rating from 84 to 86.

Overall, these players have showcased their abilities and made significant contributions to their respective teams. Their exceptional performances deserve recognition and potential upgrades to their overall ratings.

Racheal Kundananji Position: ST 83 > 85 OVR

Scored 3 Goals / Sevilla (W) 1 – Madrid (W) 5

Racheal Kundananji’s performance in the match between Sevilla and Madrid was truly remarkable. She scored a hat trick and played a significant role in her team’s victory, demonstrating her skills and abilities on the field. With a Sofascore rating of 9.8, she stood out as a player in the game.

Although women’s football is not too popular, there has been a lot of excitement and anticipation surrounding Kundananji’s base card, and her Inform card is going to get used by a lot of EA FC gamers as she feels like a cheaper version of the best player in the game, Kylian Mbappé.


Overall, these players have showcased their abilities and made significant contributions to their respective teams. Their exceptional performances deserved recognition and an upgraded card in EA FC 24. If you are looking for cheap EA FC 24 coins or more news about EA FC, read more here. U7BUY is your partner in elevating your EA FC 24 gameplay, achieving your in-game objectives, and competing at the highest level.